Bell Nordic’s History

Bell Nordic is a consulting firm specializing in operations management and all of its human aspects. We focus on helping you to reach efficient operations management while creating a working environment that favours employee mobilization and accountability.
Since 1987, small to large-scale organizations in both manufacturing and services have relied on our expertise to guide them.


Why Are We Performance Innovators?

The Bell Nordic team consists of professionals from various fields of expertise, ranging from engineering to human resources management.
ur trainers and consultants come from manufacturing and business management and are recognized for their hands-on management skills in both manufacturing and service administration.
Drawing on this expertise, we will provide you with the best advice based on your specific situation. In accordance with your needs, we will help you implement a sound and efficient methodology, be it the Kaizen approach, Lean and Six Sigma, workflow optimization, resource and operations planning or statistical quality control, to name just a few.
At Bell Nordic, we recognize the human aspect as a key component of a successful organization. This is why we’ve developed extensive human resources knowledge and offer, for example, our Team Leadership Program, the implementation of semi-autonomous teams, and numerous workshops (effective communication, training for trainers, effective presentations, time and stress management, and more).

Our Mission

Contribute to our customers’ success and accelerate organizational transformations through facilitation and coaching and by instilling a culture of accountability among all members of the workforce.

To fulfill its mission, Bell Nordic promotes mutual respect among stakeholders, the achievement of objectives, and the continuous transfer of knowledge and skills in a stimulating and pleasant environment.

Core Values

Bell Nordic's Values