The mission of public organizations, whether at the municipal, provincial or federal level, is to implement responsible management and budget processes based on operational excellence to attain specific objectives with full respect shown for citizens and their needs.

Methodologies and tools:

  • Technical and administrative process improvement
  • Lean approach
  • Strategic planning
  • Organizational development
  • 5S and visual management
  • Process improvement
  • Kaizen
  • Management dashboards
  • Change management

While a wide range of public services are offered to the public, the ability to pay for these services is limited. In order to cover fixed expenses, public organizations must often make adjustments elsewhere, yet new challenges constantly emerge – challenges associated with public services, the impact of social and demographic changes on economic growth, and the need to increase productivity.


– The self-financing, cost-effectiveness and profitability of public organizations is a very demanding objective. The challenge is in finding both new ways to reduce expenses and new financial resources to maintain operations.

Reengineering and resistance to change.

– Implementation of a continuous improvement program.

Optimization of public services. Each public policy must be evaluated based on the expected overall result, while keeping in mind the environment in question and the resources available. Such policies must also balance the quality objectives defined by the State and the organization’s ability on both a financial and human level to attain those objectives, while defining the roadmap to achieve this.

To learn more about the challenges that organizations face and solutions that fit your specific needs, refer to the Challenges section. If you wish to implement a solution or learn more about a tool, please see the Methodology section.


– KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS TRANSFER. During our improvement initiatives, we ensure that your team acquires the knowledge and skills required to continuously improve and optimize current and future processes.

Training Programs

Bell Nordic has developed and teaches a wide range of training programs that address all corporate levels: executives, professionals and employees. Topics cover human resources development as well as operations management. To learn more about our training services, please contact us.

Operations and Logistics Management

  • Process mapping
  • Supply chain
  • Supply chain management
  • 5-S
  • Kaizen process
  • Scheduling
  • Inventory reduction
  • Problem solving
  • Six-Sigma
  • Business strategy
  • Operational strategy – Miltenberg
  • Change agent training program

Organizational Transformation

  • Building responsible teams
  • Design and implementation of mentoring systems
  • Diagnosis of work environment and morale
  • Work environment survey
  • Root cause evaluation for organizational stress and action plan
  • Employee engagement evaluation and action plan
  • Change management and organizational transformation
  • Change agent training program


  • Leadership academy
  • Team building workshops
  • Coaching
  • Management coaching
  • Constructive feedback
  • Training for technical trainers
  • Management of problem employees
  • Communication and teamwork training program
  • Management training program


  • Strategic planning
  • 5 functions diagnosis
  • Continuous improvement dilemma