The Bell Nordic Approach

From the start, Bell Nordic has offered a distinctive approach to organizational transformation within companies by focusing on four core values: respect, results, knowledge and skills transfer, and enthusiasm.

Our primary goal is of course to attain our customers’ goals. We are, however, well aware that with change comes resistance, so managing the human aspect is crucial to successfully implementing change. We work closely with stakeholders to empower them and enable them to drive all of the changes to come. By applying our group facilitation and coaching techniques, we help teams to clearly understand the problem and find effective solutions.

The Bell Nordic Methodology

At Bell Nordic, we promote a participative approach that favours cooperation, because we know that resistance to change is the greatest obstacle to effective organizational transformations and continuous growth. Our approach enables the consultant to become a problem-solving specialist who guides the multidisciplinary team in finding the most appropriate solutions. Thus, the expertise and skills of one consultant is multiplied by the knowledge and experience of all of the team members.

Methodology/Problem Table

Issue Methodology
Deficient processes: performance is sub-optimal. Process review
Preparation time is too long: between manufacturing two products, between two patient surgeries, between two administrative projects. SMED
Pending documents piling up; patient waiting times too long; products sitting in inventory between operations. Unit flow and U shape cell
Clutter; disorder; frequent work accidents; time lost searching. 5S and Visual management
Deficient scheduling; late deliveries; shortages, even with significant stocks. KANBAN
Equipment causing defects and repetition of work. Jidoka
Frequent or timely interruptions because of unpredicted shortages. TPM and pre-operation check
Continuous repeat mistakes. Poka-yoke

For Each Symptom

there exists a participative approach that promotes cooperation!


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